Football will be King in Detroit for the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl

DetroitI am pleased to announce to all supporters of American football in Poland, that I will be attending the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit on Boxing Day (Holiday in the English Commonwealth Countries), December 26, 2010 the day after Christmas. The game will feature the University of Toledo verus Florida Internaional. It will be the first Bowl game for FIU and the experience is creating quite a buzz in Miami, Florida. Toledo geographically close to Detroit so they will have more supporters.

George Perles, who is of Lithuanian-American heritage started the Bowl 14 years ago. He had great succes as an assistant coach for the Pittsburg Steelers and won four Super Bowl rings. He also guided Michigan State University to the 1988 Rose Bowl win over a highly ranked USC team in California. In retirement he is now an elected trustee for MSU.

I will be immursed in football experienses and participating in the whole Bowl week festivities. Bowl games are a reward for the NCAA players and the activities are all about enriching their spirit and entertaining them. The games are about celebrating the seasons success. It is a very festive atmosphere. The game will also be televised nationaly on ESPN.

I am being hosted by veteran sports boadcaster Raymond Rolak. He is past chaiman of the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame and past president of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association (a well respected electronic journalistic society). The DSBA has great sports heritage and history in athletic circles. Mr. Rolak played college baseball at Wayne State and post-pro ice hockey in Canada.

He was a well travelled professional scout and recently returned from Hawaii after appearing in a cinema production. He covered the last World Bowl in Frankfurt for his news agency. The well travelled journalist has been a repeat invitee to emcee the famous ‘Indy 500’ motor sports race kickoff luncheon. His football pedigree encompases all aspects of the game especially marketing and coaching.

Rolak and Ken Hoffman, the longtime Exec. Director of the LCPB have provided me with unprecedented access to report to Europe about the Bowl Week and the American college football experience.

This is a great oppurtunity to enrich PZAF watchers on the Bowl experience. There is going to be a giant ‘Pizza Party’

at adjacent Comerica Park (baseball stadium) and a players reception at the world renown Detroit Institue of Arts Museum. I am amazed at how much the operation of a successful football team matches the planning of a milatery campaign.

Stay tuned, alert your friends….As I will showcase and ambassador the PZAF, I invite players, coaches, referees, and supporters to watch this site. Any supporters,

trainers, statisticians, musicians, dance teams and most importantly, future fans of the PZAF ……. watch along and enrich your football knowledge. Join me on this football journey and watch for my updates and narratives. Included also will be easy tailgatting recipes and pre-game party and grilling ideas. Also, watch

Submitted by Jacek Urbaczyk, December 19, 2010

Photo Caption: Veteran sports broadcasters Raymond Rolak and Ray Lane at the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association Christmas Party at SINBADS on the scenic Detroit River. Photo by Mike Alberts

Waldemar Glodek

Autor: Waldemar Glodek