10 najgorszych spammerów na świecie

spams-aa80% spamu w sieci jest wysyłane do użytkowników w Północnej Ameryce oraz w Europie. Spam ten oraz często i malware z wirusami jest generoway przez grupy około 100 znanych gangów spamerów.

10 najgorszych spamerów na świecie

Jak podaje The Spamhous Project około 80% spamu w sieci jest wysyłane do użytkowników w Północnej Ameryce oraz w Europie. Spam ten oraz często także i malware z wirusami — jest generoway przez grupy około 100 znanych przestępczych gangów oraz spammerów.

Najczęściej spamerzy działają w Rosji i w Chinach oraz na Ukrainie. Spamhous podaje także i dostawców internetu, ktorzy współpracują ze spammerami.

Nazwiska, pseudonimy oraz działania tych spammerów są dokumentowane w prowadzonej przez Spamhaus bazie danych zwanej "Register Of Known Spam Operations" (ROKSO).

ThAs at 06 July 2011 the world’s worst spammers and spam gangs are:

1Canadian PharmacyUkraine
A long time running pharmacy spam operation. They send tens of millions of spams per day using botnet techniques. Probably based in Eastern Europe, Ukraine/Russia. Host spammed web sites on botnets and on bulletproof Chinese web hosting.

2Rove DigitalEstonia
Botnets, malware, spam, pharming, DDoS. Inhoster, Cernel, Esthost, Atrivo. What else needs to be said?

3Alex Blood / Alexander Mosh / AlekseyB / Alex PolyakovUkraine
So many Alex & Alexey spamming! Alex Blood tied to Pilot Holding & bbasafehosting.com long ago, then Alex Polyakov posted he owned them. Massive botnet and child-porn spam ring, also pharma, mortgage, and more. May work with Kuvayev and Yambo.

4Vincent Chan / yoric.netHong Kong
Vincent Chan and his Chinese partners have been sending spam for years. They mainly do pharmacy, and are able to send out huge amounts daily. They use vast numbers of compromised computers — for sending, hosting and proxy hijacking.

5Peter Severa / Peter LevashovRussian Federation
A spamming partner of Alan Ralsky and other spam gangs.

6Quick Cart ProUnited States
American operation with Canadian connections, this large spam operation sells spam-for-hire services using classic "snowshoe" methods with countless IP ranges and domains. Many fictitious identities and aliases.

7Yambo FinancialsUkraine
Huge spamhaus tied into distribution and billing for child, animal, and incest-porn, pirated software, and pharmaceuticals. Run their own merchant services (credit-card "collection" sites) set up as a fake "bank."

8Leo Kuvayev / BadCowRussian Federation
Russian/American spammer. Does "OEM CD" pirated software spam, copy-cat pharmaceuticals, porn spam, porn payment collection, etc. Spams using virus-created botnets and seems to be involved in virus distribution. Partnered with Vlad – aka "Mr. Green".

Massive affilitiate spam program for snakeoil Body Part Enhancement scams. Also does replica luxury goods, pharma and porn. Spams via botnets, bulletproof hosting offshore and even sometimes uses fast flux hosting.

10Ruslan Ibragimov / send-safe.comRussian Federation
Stealth spamware creator. One of the larger criminal spamming operations around. Runs a CGI mailer on machines in Russia and uses hijacked open proxies and virus infected PCs to flood the world with spam.

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