TFP: Is Religion Opposed to “Human Rights”?

Homosexual_Practice_Religious_Persecution(…)The Secretary of State has now given a specific doctrinal reason to justify religious persecution by claiming that the Church is an obstacle to the implementation of human rights! Indeed, if “human rights” are identified with the “rights of homosexuals,” by condemning homosexual practice the Church would be setting up obstacles to respecting “human rights.”
These concepts are found in the Remarks in Recognition of International Human Rights Day, presented by the Secretary of State to the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission in Geneva on December 6, 2011.2 The document affirms that “gay rights and human rights… are one and the same.” (…)

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Luiz Sérgio Solimeo: Homosexual Practice and Religious Persecution


Source: Tradition, Family and Property, December 19, 2011




Waldemar Glodek

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