IWP – Propaganda and Deception as Tools of Political Influence in Poland by Maria Juczewska.



Poland has just elected a new president, a relatively unknown conservative politician, Andrzej Duda. A parliamentary election scheduled later this fall promises to return a conservative majority. This lecture aims to address media coverage of Poland since the presidential election. It discusses propaganda and deception techniques as well as the biases at work.

IWP-Kosciuszko-Chair-Logo-2A student at the Institute of World Politics, Maria Juczewska is a communication specialist with versatile international experience. Her education in liguistics and culture studies, together with living abroad in many countries, makes her point of view unique and comprehensive. Moreover, her work in the field of marketing and social media results in the observations up to date with the dynamic changes in communication strategies nowadays. Maria has been a dedicated volunteer for the Kościuszko Chair of Polish Studies since 2014 and in her scholarly work she is especially interested in propaganda and mass media.

This lecture took place at The Institute of World Politics on September 29, 2015, and was part of the Intermarium Series sponsored by The Institute of World Politics.

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SOURCE: http://www.iwp.edu/events/detail/propaganda-and-deception-as-tools-of-political-influence-in-poland , September 29, 2015



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