Bombsell testimony on Dr. Burzynski’s anticancer therapies and APPEAL!

Dear Friends,


    Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski (PhD), one of our most prominent compatriots, philanthropist, medical doctor and biochemist, creator of breakthrough cancer treatments, funder of the Burzynski Research Institute and Clinic in Houston, TX, is once again under vicious attack by the Texas Medical Board trying to revoke his medical license in sham proceedings.
We need to show our support and express solidarity with Dr. Burzynski by all means available.


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    To the detriment of the attackers, an accomplished healthcare executive and socialite, well connected member of the Board of Directors of the Scripps Research Institute in FL, gave a devastating to the FDA and Texas Medical Board testimony revealing how Big Pharma controlled administration systematically suppresses Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski ( PhD) breakthrough anticancer therapies in brazen disregard to human life and suffering.


    This interview breaks heart when comprehending the tragedy of this courageous and brilliant women who although, shook the powers to be with her influential input, but faced obstacles that she couldn’t overcome in time to save life of her beloved husband.
Please note, her statements are the one of most powerful accusations against Big Pharma’s controlled FDA and TX Medical Board and one of most convincing defenses of Dr. Burzynski ‚s achievements EVER!


A memorable quote from her testimony:


“It’s okay that you [the FDA], approve it for the Saudi King’s nephew, who got approval in 24 hours for Antineoplastons—who is still alive. Then you got a CIA agent on Antineoplastons, and that was done in a few hours. So you randomly choose who lives or dies? How do you live with yourselves?”
(Elizabeth Fago-Smith Board of Directors, Scripps Florida)




Maryla Weisinger
November 11, 2015


Read more about Dr. Stanislaw Bużyński in Polish:


In the picture: Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski Clinic in Huston, Texas. (Photo: Michael Stravato, USA TODAY) / selected by wg.pco


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