The Texas Medical Board vs Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski resumes. Save Doctor Burzynski’s Life-Saving Cancer Treatment!



Dr. Burzynski Trial [Update]



If you remember from the series, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest,” we interviewed Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, who is healing people from cancer every day with his anti-neoplaston therapies. Well, as we’ve shared many times before, actually curing cancer would be detrimental to the pharmaceutical industry…

So much so that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to silence the doctors and keep their poisons as the only solutions. They’re trying to do that now with Dr. Burzynski by revoking his medical license. We sent our film crew to the first part of the trial in November of last year (see video below for our report from November) and we just sent them this week to capture more footage and get us a full report.

See the video above for the most recent footage from this week (May 2016).



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Petitioning President, Texas Medical Board Michael Arambula and 3 others

Save Doctor Burzynski’s Life-Saving Cancer Treatment

My name is Teresa Kennett.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given less than a year to live by my oncologist who also told me that conventional treatment could not cure me but could only temporarily slow the progression of my form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

I was a young mother with a three-month old baby girl.  Desperately I sought other solutions and found Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, whose non-toxic Antineoplaston treatment put my cancer into complete remission and saved my life.    That was over 27 years ago!  And I am not alone!

Over 1000 cancer  patients like Faye Joseph, MaryJo Siegel and myself (left to right above–Rita Starr, mother in remission over 20 years, Faye Joseph, in remission 4 years, Steve Siegel, Teresa Kennett, remission 27 years, Mary Jo Siegel remission 21 years) who previously received terminal diagnoses are alive today because they were treated by Dr. Burzynski.  But access to this successful treatment is threatened!

Now the Texas Medical Board is bringing highly questionable charges against Dr. Burzynski in a proceeding scheduled to begin this Thursday, November 19. If charges are not dropped cancer patients will not have the freedom to choose this life-saving treatment.

Please stand with me and sign the petition below to demand that all proceedings against Dr. Burzynski be halted immediately and all charges be dropped.

Whereas:  Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski is the discoverer of the Antineoplaston cancer treatment and has achieved spectacular results with it against a variety of brain tumors during 13 self-funded Phase II clinical trials sanctioned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and whereas

*  Dr. Burzynski has employed this treatment to save the lives of well over 1,000 cancer patients who had previously received terminal diagnoses, and whereas

*  The FDA has asked Dr. Burzynski to begin Phase III clinical trials using Antineoplaston treatment against DIPG brain tumors, known as diffuse intrinsic brainstem gliomas, which are almost always fatal, and whereas

*   Dr. Burzynski’s 13 prior brain tumor clinical trials produced well-documented cures of brainstem gliomas, anaplastic astrocytomas, DIPGs and several other types of brain tumors, and whereas

*  Dr. Burzynski’s randomized controlled trials against colon cancers with liver metastases demonstrated a median survival time by patients treated with Antineoplastons-plus-chemotherapy almost three years longer than for patients treated with chemotherapy alone, and whereas   — No other treatment, whether experimental or not, has ever produced results even approximating Dr. Burzynski’s life-saving success rates, and whereas

*  Numerous patients in Dr. Burzynski’s private oncology practice have been treated successfully for many types of advanced cancers by using Antineoplastons in combination with cutting edge personalized precision medicines guided by human genome analysis, and whereas

*  No patient of Dr. Burzynski’s has ever been treated in FDA clinical trials without receiving written notice that Antineoplastons are officially considered experimental, and whereas

*  All patients are notified both in writing and in person that Antineoplastons and treatments using medications from the Antineoplaston group in combination with other drugs are not universally successful, and whereas

*  Dr. Burzynski has achieved all this despite decades of opposition and even criminal prosecution by the FDA, and despite numerous administrative obstacles repeatedly placed in his path by the Texas Medical Board, and whereas

*  A proceeding against Dr. Burzynski on highly questionable charges brought by the Texas Medical Board is scheduled to begin Nov. 19,

*  Now therefore, we the undersigned patients and supporters of Dr. Burzynski hereby demand that all proceedings against Dr. Burzynski and other physicians associated with him be halted immediately and all charges against them be dropped or dismissed.


This petition will be delivered to:
  • President, Texas Medical Board
    Michael Arambula
  • State Senator
    Charles Schwertner
  • Governor of Texas
    Greg Abbott
  • Texas House of Reprepresentatives
    Bill Zedler Texas House of Representatives


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Supporters and Patients of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski started this petition with a single signature, and now has 49,487 supporters.

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