Communism “Elected” and How It Persists To This Day; the LEWAK War on the Catholic Church, and Cultural Marxism

Author Piotr Jaroszynski is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Culture at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. His essays show considerable insight into current events affecting Poland, but they could easily be extended, as I do in my review.


The Soviet puppet government was installed on the heels of the Red Army, albeit in cynical accordance with “the will of the people.” Author Jaroszynski (pp. 50-on) summarizes the research findings, of historian Maciej Korkuc, on the staged referendum of June 30, 1946 and the phony elections of January 19, 1947, in Soviet-ruled Poland. [Korkuc’ work is titled WYBORY 1947, and is located (online) at BIULETYN INSTYTUTU PAMIĘCI NARODOWEJ nr 1-2/2007].

The falsification of the 1946 results was directed by Stalin, who appointed Col. Aaron Palkin and Col. Semyon Davydov to oversee the dirty work. (p. 51). Some 40,000 signatures of commission members were forged, and this flipped the 75% “No” vote into a 68% “Yes” vote. (p. 52). In the subsequent sham January 1947 elections, 3,500 of the 5,500 commissions were manned solely by Communists, enabling them to freely doctor and fabricate the results. (p. 52).


But all this is ancient history, right? Wrong! There has never been a LUSTRACJA in Poland, and Communists and so-called post-Communists continue to function much as they did before. Jaroszynski sagely quips, “Today we must the dramatic question: Have we really rid ourselves of that Polish People’s Republic of old? How could we if no vetting and de-Communization procedures were implemented? How could we if the same people and groups, with their informal connections and secret lobbies, remain untouched? How could we have so many members of PZPR, the former Communist Party, and the former Communist secret services continue to occupy high positions in state administration, in the media and the education system?” (p. 52). Good questions!


After the Poles’ ill-fated January 1863 Insurrection, the tsarist Russian authorities imposed the teaching of history in accordance with Russian interests. [Jaroszynski could have included the experiences of the teenaged Joseph Pilsudski, who had to endure the lies about Poland that were being promulgated, by the Russian authorities, in the schools: See my review of Joseph Pilsudski. The Memories of a Polish Revolutionary and Soldier].

Fast-forward to the 20th century, and the Soviet-imposed Communist puppet government and its reign over Poland’s educational system. Polish nobles and kings were presented in the worst light, and so the young Pole was once again learning contempt for his history. [This was, and is, the classic PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU—the pedagogy of shame].

Jaroszynski (pp. 30-31) then mentions the history book promulgated by the European Union. It is intended to eliminate national differences and to make the Pole think in terms of Europe as one nation. Clearly, it serves the agenda of the globalists and the cultural Marxists [MARKSIZM KULTUROWY]. Jaroszynski could have added that it also promotes a German-exculpatory and pro-Jewish view of history—all at the expense of the facts and the expense of the Poles.

In fact, the author fails to discuss another manifestation of the debauching of Poland’s educational system—that of the Judeocentric curriculum. This curriculum serves Jewish and not Polish interests. The Holocaust, as everywhere else, is elevated over all other genocides (including the Poles’ own Polokaust or Polonocaust). Everything negative in past Polish-Jewish relations is automatically blamed on the Poles (the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU again), while Jews are exempt from any analysis, much less criticism, of their own conduct.


The attempt, by the political left, to drive the Catholic Church from public life, began with the French Revolution. (p. 41). Now Western Europe is completely secular, and even so-called Catholic schools (as in Belgium) are Catholic in name only.

The media promotes sensational stories that reflect on the Church—involving such-and-such a priest stealing millions of dollars—or involved in (what else?) pedophilia. The priests-are-pedophiles strategy had been patented in the USA, Ireland, and now Poland. It does not matter if the accusations are true or not: All that matters is the constant undermining of public confidence in the Church.

In Poland, these all are old methods, once used by the Communists, to try to discredit the Church. At one time it was accusations of priests spying for the West; now it is priests having once collaborated with the Communists. Jaroszynski concludes that, “Accusations of theft, sexual activities, pedophilia and spying are time-tested methods aimed to knock out the Church in Poland.” (p. 43). Now it is the LEWAKS that are using them.

On another subject, Poland’s mostly foreign-owned media has consistently displayed hostility to RADIO MARYJA, which is no surprise, as it is a threat to their otherwise-monopoly. RADIO MARYJA was even denied funding for its geothermal project (p. 32), no doubt because it would make Poland more independent of foreign influences.


Neo-Marxism is active in other ways. Political correctness, an invention of the old Frankfurt School, was developed to silence opposition to leftist agendas. And thus it serves to this day.

Jaroszynski also considers homo-manipulation. This includes the use of Orwellian Newspeak, such as sexual orientation, sexual minorities, and (what else?) homophobia.


Jan Peczkis

Source: Amazon – Customer Review, May 11, 2018.


Published with the author’s permission.


  • Title image:  Cover of  “Poland Dares to Speak Up!” by Piotr Jaroszynski, 2012.


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