2,612 Amazon Peczkis Reviews Taken Down!

Amazon suddenly and arbitrarily removed nearly all Mr. Jan Peczkis reviews from Amazon.

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From: Peczkis, Jan
Without explanation, Amazon suddenly and arbitrarily removed nearly all my reviews from Amazon. I am taking action.
In addition, although
I did not ask him to do this,
historian Leszek Zebrowski, who had earlier placed many of my Amazon reviews on his Facebook page (some getting over 10,000 views, and once 40,000), has already placed my Amazon-censorship case on Twitter:
Jan Peczkis

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Same of Mr. Jan Peczkis reviews are available on GOODREADS here:



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Also on the POLISH CLUB ON LINE … here: Mr. Jan Peczkis.

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Based on the information received,

Waldemar Glodek, PCO

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