Excessively Judeocentric and Especially Germanocentric. Most Victims of Jewish Communists In Poland Were Poles, Not Germans. Update Provided

This is the work of a courageous Jewish-American journalist, and he covers the Jewish vengeance against Germans (not some nowadays-amorphous „Nazis”) quite well. However there is much more to all this. I focus on the wider implications, and then provide updating information.


Author John Sack realizes that Jews dominated not only in the Communist security forces, but also in other branches of the Soviet-imposed system. He comments, (Quote) In Breslau [Wroclaw], the biggest city in Poland-administered Germany, with 300,000 inhabitants, the chief of police, the chief of the Office’s section for Germans, the chief of the Polish army’s own Office (its Corps of Internal Security) and even the mayor of Breslau were Jews. (unquote)(p. 138).

The extreme overabundance of Jewish officers in the Bezpieka, already in 1945, and applicable to post-WWII southwest Poland, is clear. Sack quotes some knowledgeable individuals, and says, (Quote) Barek Eisenstein estimated that 90 percent of the Jews in the Office in Kattowitz [Katowice] changed their names to Polish ones. Barek said one was even buried in a Catholic cemetery. Pinek Maka, the Secretary of State Security for Silesia in 1945, estimated that 70 or 75 percent of the officers in Silesia were Jews. Barek Eisenstein estimated that 75 or more percent were. Stanislaw Gazda said „most” were. Adam „Krawecki” that 70 to 80 percent were, and Moshe Maka that 70 or 75 percent „maybe” were. Jozef Musial, the Vice Minister of Justice for Poland in 1990, said, „I do not like to talk about it,” but most officers in the Office in all of Poland were Jews.” (unquote)(p. 183).



A very detailed study, APARAT BEZPIECZENSTWA W POLSCE, by Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, based on recently declassified Communist archives, demonstrates that at least 37% of the Bezpieka officers, applicable to ALL of Poland, and over an ENTIRE long-term period (1944-1954), was Jewish. CAUTION: An unknown number of Jews concealed their Jewishness completely, so the actual figure is higher.



To put all these percentages in perspective, less than 1% of Poland’s post-WWII population consisted of Jews! Even fewer were present in 1945, at which time not all surviving Polish Jews had yet returned from German camps and from the interior of the USSR. For the indicated time (1944-1954), Jews, as Bezpieka officers, exceeded their share of the general population by a factor of 40.

The very disproportionate involvement of Jews, especially as officers in the hated Communist Security Forces (U. B., or Bezpieka) of the Soviet-imposed Communist puppet government, went far beyond getting back at the Germans. Most of all, it was a savage act of terror and repression against the Poles, and far more Poles were arrested, tortured, and murdered than Germans. It played, and still plays, a significant role in harming Polish-Jewish relations. The fact that far too many Jews still try to run away from this inconvenient fact only makes it worse.


Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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