Nazi Racism Partly a Jewish Invention. The Prolific Contributions of German Jews to Germany

  • German Jew by Abraham Myerson, Isaac Goldberg

    Published 1933


This work was written in 1933 (my review based on the original 1933 edition), soon after Hitler had come to power. In fact, this book is concluded as a rebuke to the Nazi book-burning of Jewish books on May 10, 1933. (p. 161).

The two Jewish authors of this book supply hundreds of examples of German-Jewish achievers, and what they had done for Germany and for humanity. This includes Jewish achievements in the fields of medicine, physics, math, chemistry, philosophy music and art, literature and journalism, drama and stage (cinema), etc. Already by 1933, Jews, at 2% of the effective population of the West, had earned 10% of all Nobel Prizes. (pp. 26-27).


Both the Nazis and the Jews agree on the fact that Jews had pioneered, and dominated, the motion-picture industry. The leading Jewish film companies of Germany were Nero Film (Nebenzahl), Star Film (Nebenzahl), Super-Film (Julius Haymann) and German Universal Film (Fellner and Semmle). (p. 157).

Here are some interesting topics that I want to elaborate on in greater detail. The following are direct quotes:


“Ludwig Gumplowicz (1839-1909), although born in Poland, is included among the German sociologists, because he exercised great influence in Germany…Further, he [Gumplowicz] developed the idea of RASSENKAMPF, or struggle between social groups…He postulates an unending hatred between the different races and a struggle that is ended only with the conquest of one by the other and their amalgamation through a bitter battle. A Jew thus contributed heavily to the philosophy behind the present anti-Semitism of Germany.” (pp. 91-92).


“The concept of the Chosen People is a symptom of national narcissism. It has been explained away in fashions more flattering to the Jews, but psychologically it was precisely this: a glorification of themselves as the favorite children of the Lord. EVERY PEOPLE, IN ITS OWN EYES, IS THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. ICH UND GOTT is the device of all arbitrary potentates, though it achieve under some a more tactful utterance.” (Emphasis in original). (pp. 16-17).

——End of direct quotes——

Is it? In how many other nations is the sense of exceptionalism developed to the point of supremacy, to such a systematic and arguably-egregious extent, as it is among the Jews and the Germans?


Jan Peczkis


Published with the author’s permission.


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