To Whom Should the Jews Apologize?

To Whom Should the Jews Apologize? by Jerzy Robert NowakPublished 2003 by Panorama. Edition Language: English


The Perpetual Jedwabne Apology Game, With Almost-Complete Silence on Jewish Crimes

This book, written by noted historian Jerzy Robert Nowak, although written almost 20 years ago, remains as relevant as ever. The truth about Jedwabne is being suppressed by the refusal to do a proper forensic exhumation at the site. The blaming of the Poles has become political orthodoxy, and the calls for Poles to apologize are never-ending. It is the classic PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (politics of shame) in action. 

Historian Nowak writes, „All of Poland, the entire nation, is being blamed for a murder perpetrated by German instigation, under German command, under German command, at a time when the area was under German occupation and when no Polish structure of government existed.” (p. 3).

He adds that, „The fact is, contrary to the falsehoods perpetrated by western media, Jews have a considerable number of reasons to apologize to the many nations for the behavior of their unworthy representatives.” (p. 4).

Historian Jerzy Robert Nowak packs a punch in this small book as he catalogues, with profuse documentation, some of the Jewish crimes against Poles, Russians, Czechs, Hungarians, Arabs, and Americans. 

Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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  • Title image: Prof. Jerzy Robert Nowak. Photo: Inter / selected by wg.pco

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