Polish Complicity in the Holocaust? No! By Jan Peczkis (90 Books Reviewed)

  • Polish Anti-Semitism Does Not Equal Murder of Jews.
  • Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking Debunked.
  • Unreliability of Holocaust-Related Jewish Accusations.
  • Jewish Religion Teaches to Assume Pogroms.
  • “Poles are Jew-Killers” is Recycled Nazi Propaganda.
  • Jewish Betrayers More Common Than Polish Betrayers!
  • Jewish Betrayers and Polish Betrayers Expose Jews and Poles.
  • Nazis Need No Betrayers to Find Fugitive Jews.
  • German Terror is What Drove Poles to Betray Jews.
  • Liquidation of Betrayers Was Very Difficult.
  • FAKE NEWS: “200,000 Jews Killed By Poles”.
  • Baudienst, Policja Granatowa, AK, NSZ: The Facts.
  • No Polish Quisling—No Pole Would Do It.
  • Overall Rarity of Polish Collaborators.
  • The “Poles Rejoiced at Jewish Deaths” Swindler’s List  Lie.
  • Little-Known Facts in the Postwar Killings of Jews.

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Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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