German Guilt Diffusion and the German-Made Holocaust (50 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

German Guilt Political cartoon: “Image taken from: Dack, William Mikkel. “Whitewashing the Past: German Victimhood and Memory.” [Source:]
  • Germany Buys the Forgiveness of the Jews.
  • De-Germanized Nazis in the Media, Hollywood, and Museums.
  • German Guilt Evasion is INTENTIONAL.
  • Blaming Christianity and Generic “European Anti-Semitism”.
  • The “We Are All Eichmanns” Canard.
  • So Now Germans are the Victims.
  • The Polish Death Camp Lie.
  • And Now, the Germanless Holocaust, and “Many Local Holocausts”.
  • Blurring Profound German and Trivial Non-German anti-Jewish Acts.
  • Confronting German Guilt Dilution: No Equivocations.
  • The Deep Roots of Nazism in Centuries of German Thinking.
  • Dubious German Repentance For Nazism.

Germany Buys the Forgiveness of the Jews

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