Ontario – Sunday, June 9th, 2019 please come, if you can

Hello friends, 

If you have a free June 9th, please come to Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.

Below is a link The Post Eagle, in case you do not know much about this Polonia event, going there for over 100 years (maybe you can write there also?)

If you need more info please write or call  519 979 0925 

Best regards,

Arleta from Windsor


June 11th, 2018: Unusual Pilgrimage For Poles, Polish-Canadians, Polish-Americans

By Arleta Sziler /  PostEagle on July 15, 2018

[…] For over 100 years Poles, Polish-Canadians, Polish-Americans and others in large numbers gather on the second Sunday of June to pay respect to over 20,000 volunteers from USA and Canada who were here in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1917.  “Who were these volunteers and what were they doing in Niagara-on-the-Lake?” some may ask.                          

To answer this questions we must go back in time to 1914. […]

The Blue Army supported the Allies in World War I, so the Allies and world leaders agreed that Poland had to be recreated! November 11th, 1918  was not only the end of the war, but it was also the day when Poland regained independence and once more was present on the map of Europe. After waiting 123 years, the Polish people finally had a country of their own again.  Poland was resurrected! […]

We pay our respect again this year to the many valiant Canadian and American volunteers, who joined the Polish Army units and fought courageously to help Poland regain independence in 1918” ;

“This annual event serves as an important reminder of the special relationship between Polish and Canadian forces during the First and Second World Wars. The legacy of this relationship now lives on through the many generations of Polish Canadians and the contributions to our life here in Niagara” … concluded Pat Darte-Lord, Mayor of the Niagara-on-the-Lake, in his letter.

Read the full article on The Post Eagle ….


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