Holocaust Not Special (47 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

Human bones at the concentration camp of Majdanek in Lublin
Human bones and skulls is seen in 1944 at the german concentration camp of Majdanek in Lublin (Picture: Getty / metro.co.uk)
  • Hitler Did Not Envision a Jewish-Free World.
  • The Nazi “Museum of an Extinct Race” is a Myth.
  • The Wannsee Protocol and Final Solution Were Ambiguous.
  • Gypsies and Poles, Like the Jews, Were a Problem to Be Solved.
  • No Totality of Extermination: European Jews Spared by the Nazis.
  • In Any Event, an Inferred Total Genocide is No More Significant than “Only” a Partial Genocide.
  • African-German Mischlinge Were Treated Worse Than Jewish-German Mischlinge.
  • Anglo-American Jewish POWs Had More Right to Live than Did Soviet non-Jewish POWs!
  • Poles—and Not Only Jews—Were Subject to Continent-Wide Persecution and Nazi Attention on an International Scale.
  • Poles—and Not Only Jews—Were Scapegoats to the Very End.
  • Last-Minute Nazi Killings of Only Some Jews, and Not Only Jews.
  • The Holocaust Was “Rational” Insofar as It Benefitted the Nazis.
  • Conversely, Other Genocides Were as “Irrational” as the Holocaust.
  • Mass Gassing Not Only of Jews.
  • The Experiences of the Poles and Jews, Under Nazi German Rule, Overlapped Considerably.
  • The Real Reason for Holocaust Supremacism.

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Jan Peczkis

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