Polish Rescue of Jews—It’s Never Enough (56 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

  • British Government, Not Polish Government-in-Exile, Gagged Incoming Information About the Unfolding Holocaust.
  • Nazi Joseph Goebbels Gave More Credit to Poles, For International Warnings about the Jews’ Holocaust, Than Do Jews.
  • Local Jews Commonly Ignored Polish Warnings on the Unfolding Holocaust.
  • “So Few Jews Saved by Poles” Talmudic Irony.
  • “Railroads to Death Camps Not Destroyed” Fallacious Argument.
  • “No Suicidal Polish Uprising on Behalf of the Jews”: A Silly Accusation.
  • The Paid Greedy Polish Rescuer of Jews: A Myth.
  • The Polish Right (e. g, Endeks) Opposed Aiding Jews: A Myth.
  • German-Imposed Death Penalty Was Decisive.
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Aid: Nazis Gave Poles More Credit Than Do Jews.
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Facts on Polish Aid.
  • SONDERKOMMANDO Revolt in Auschwitz: Polish Aid Impossible.
  • “Polish Antisemitism” Shamed/Silenced Polish Rescuers of Jews: A Myth.
  • Egregious Jewish Ingratitude by a Holocaust Scholar: An Example.
  • Danish Rescue of Jews: False Belittlement of Polish Rescue Efforts.
Photos intended to be used for fake passports at the Polish Embassy in Bern
Photos intended to be used for fake passports at the Polish Embassy in Bern. Photo: Polish Embassy / Switzerland. Source: haaretz.com

Public execution of Michał Kruk and several other ethnic Poles in Przemyśl as punishment for helping Jews, 1943. Source: wikipedia.org

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Jan Peczkis

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The title image: Jan Karski Monumet, Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland [2016, by Karol Badyna]. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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