So Some Jews Lost Their Privileges: The March 1968 “Persecution” of Jews (8 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

Poland, Warsaw, March 1968. Photo: PAP/Stanisław Jakubowski. Source:
  • At Last: The Truth About March 1968. The Accused Killing of Jews By NSZ, and During the Warsaw Uprising (1944), is Debunked.
  • German Guilt Diffusion. Seldom-Appreciated Facts on March 1968, Including Jewish „Cosmopolitanism” and „Zionism”. Jewish Disloyalty Even to Communist Poland.
  • The Myth of Jews as Special Victims of Intra-Communist Turmoil in 1968. The Emergence of „Polish” Vices Encouraged by the Partitions.
  • Polish Jews, Upon Leaving Poland in or around 1968, Very Soon Stop Being „Poles”. Egregious Mischaracterization of Endeks.
  • Refreshing Candor on Jews, Communism, the Events of 1968 in Poland, and „Anti-Semitism” as a Shaming and Silencing Weapon.
  • Jewish March 1968 Complaints Irony: Jews First Offenders. Rampant Communist Terror. Guerrilla Heroism. Post-WWII Looting (Not Only of Jews) Completely Normal.
  • Some (Not All) Jewish Communists Lost Their Privileges to Ethnic Polish Communists. A Double Standard of Concern?.
  • The „Polish Death Camp” Mendacity is a Jewish Meme That is Now Several Decades Old! Jews and 1968: Little-Known Facts.

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Poland, Warsaw, March 1968. Photo: Krzysztof Wojciechowski. Source:

Jan Peczkis

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