Polish-Jewish Relations: Reviews of Politically-Incorrect Books (14 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

Hasidic schoolchildren in Łódź, c. 1910, during Partitions. Source of picture: en.wikipedia.org
  • Anti-Semitism is Irrational in Britain, But is Rational in Poland.
  • Russian-Made Litvak Problem, and Jewish Separatism, Drove Polish Anti-Semitism.
  • Jewish: Economic Dominance, Usury, Liquor Trade, Germanophilia, Chronic Bad Press for Poles, Bogus Pogrom Accusations, Minorities Treaty Special Rights, etc.
  • Jewish Economic and Now Political Dominance.Polish Ambassador Lipski Never Endorsed the Persecution of Jews, Let Alone the Holocaust!
  • British Visitor to 19th-Century Partitioned Eastern Poland Comments on the Everyday Behavior of Poland’s Jews.

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Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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The title image: The Great Synagogue of Warsaw [Polish: Wielka Synagoga w Warszawie]. Architect: Leandro Marconi. Completed in 1878. At the time of its opening was the largest synagogue in the world. Destroyed by Germans [personally by SS-Gruppenführer Jürgen Stroop], May 16, 1943. Photo view from Tłomackie street. Source: en.wikipedia.org / All images selected by wg.pco


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