Understanding Polish Nationalism, Especially on Jews and Ukrainians (51 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis)

Roman Dmowski Monument, Warsaw, Poland.
Commons.Wikimedia.org [CC BY-SA 3.0]
  • Some Objective Histories of Polish Nationalism.
  • Teaching Poles to Believe in Themselves and Defend Their Interests.
  • Roman Dmowski and the Oft-Distorted 1912 Duma Elections.
  • Jews’ Hostility to Poland Earned Roman Dmowski’s Hostility to Jews.
  • Roman Dmowski Never Taught That Jews are a World Conspiracy .
  • The Perpetual “Otherness” of Jews—Also Held By Many Jews. But Nowadays Only the Poles are Blamed For It.
  • The “Endek Goal” of Removing Most of Poland’s Jews: Shared By Some Jews Themselves.
  • The ONR (Oboz Narodowo-Radykalne) and the Jews.
  • Neither Roman Dmowski Nor the ONR Were in Any Sense Fascist or Nazi-Imitating.
  • The Post-Pilsudski Government (1936-on): No Drift to Fascism.
  • Poland “Bad to Minorities” is Old Propaganda of Stalin and Hitler, and is Still Used Today.
  • An Example of a Hatchet Job on Polish Nationalism.
  • Polish Nationalism and Poland’s National Boundaries.
  • Contemporary Polish Nationalism.

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Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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