Jewish Economic Dominance of PreWWII Poland (46 Books Reviewed By Jan Peczkis)

The great manufacturing City of Lodz, called „The Polish Manchester,” through which the Red Army swept in their drive to the West. Photo ca. 1930. Source: YIWO Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland.
  • Jews Forced Into Commerce—A Myth.
  • The Middleman Minority Theory.
  • Jewish Economic Advantages.
  • How Jewish Economic Habits Harmed Poles.
  • Jews: Smuggling, Profiteering, and Tax Evasion.
  • Jews Greatly Inhibit the Emergence of a Polish Middle Class.
  • The Jews and Pariah Capitalism.
  • Why Roman Dmowski Stood Up To the Jews.
  • Boycotts of Jews Were Entirely Reasonable.

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Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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The title image source: Kołomyja, 1932. Jewish curtain makers and piece workers (khalupnikes), posing at their machines, with examples of their lace-curtain work. Source: YIWO Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland. / All images selected by wg.pco


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