Polish-Jewish Relations in Interwar Poland (1918-1939); 46 Books Reviewed by Jan Peczkis

Poster announcing a match between Korona and Makabi. 02.04.1927 r. Source: National Library [jhi.pl]
  • The So-Called Minorities Treaty—a Trojan Horse.
  • The Narutowicz Assassination—Minorities Bloc Provocation. Blaming the Poles.
  • Too Many Jews: Broad Support For Mass Jewish Emigration.
  • Why Discrimination Against Jews Was Necessary.
  • Frequent Jewish Poverty Owed to the Great Depression.
  • Polish Universities: Why NUMERUS CLAUSUS, and Ghetto Benches.
  • The Medical School “Cadaver Affair”: Jewish Racism in Action.
  • Cardinal August Hlond’s Statements (e. g, Jewish Atheism) Were Spot-On.
  • Jews in Draft-Dodging and in Prostitution.
  • Pogrom Mongering (e. g, Przytyk): Anti-Jewish Violence Way Overblown.
  • To What Extent Was Prewar Poland “Undemocratic”?
  • Bereza Kartuska—Much Ado About Very Little.
  • The Schechita (Ritual Slaughter) Law (1937).
  • The Canard About Josef Beck Endorsing the Upcoming Holocaust.
  • Teschen/Zbaszyn 1938—the Facts.
  • Jewish Expellees at Zbaszyn/Bentschen 1938—The Facts.
  • Poland’s Rapid 1939 Defeat—Were the Jews Partly Responsible?
  • Feliks Koneczny Classic on the Jews.
  • Why Relatively Few Jews Were in the A. K. (ARMIA KRAJOWA).

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Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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The title image: The Great Synagogue of Warsaw [Polish: Wielka Synagoga w Warszawie]. Architect: Leandro Marconi. Completed in 1878. At the time of its opening was the largest synagogue in the world. Destroyed by Germans [personally by SS-Gruppenführer Jürgen Stroop] May 16, 1943. Photo view from Tłomackie street. Source: en.wikipedia.org. CC-Universal Public Domain / All images selected by wg.pco


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