The Powerful Agenda-Driven International Movement to Destroy Sexual Morality and to Silence the Noncompliant. Cultural Marxism

The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom by Gabriele Kuby. 2015.
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The Powerful Agenda-Driven International Movement to Destroy Sexual Morality and to Silence the Noncompliant. Cultural Marxism

This German-language work has now been translated into English. It offers fascinating insights into how and why western societies have changed so much in just the last fifty years, and changed for the worse. WARNING: The contents are sobering, and do not make pleasant bedtime reading.

Author Gabriele Kuby considers the agendas of the Global Sexual Revolution as driven by various goals. (pp. 230-231). These include a desire for: 1). Rootless people that can be manipulated by increasingly-globalist governments; 2). Reduction in global population growth; 3). Helping Western nations sink into a “demographic winter”; 4). The elimination of religion, especially Christianity; and 5). The removal of “heterosexual normativity”, which some desperately rebel against. Though not mentioned in this book, these are part of cultural Marxism.


A standard trope of the sexual revolution is that traditional sexual morality is repressive and that sexual permissiveness is liberating. Precisely the opposite is true. Author Gabriele Kuby (p. 10) cites the 1934 work of anthropologist J. D. Unwin, SEX AND CULTURE. She comments on it, “The results in a nutshell: the greater the sexual restrictions, the higher the cultural level; the fewer the sexual restrictions, the lower the cultural level. If one looks at the development of our society, it appears this principle is being confirmed once more.”


Kuby stresses the fact that the new Global Sexual Revolution is being incrementally imposed by a relatively small group of cultural elites. (p. 49). It is based in part on the deception and desensitization of the masses, and partly by force. As an example of both, she elaborates on the content of the ACTIVIST’S GUIDE TO THE YOGYAKARTA PRINCIPLES (AG). (p. 79).

The rhetoric of the Global Sexual Revolution goes hand-in-hand with postmodernism. Kuby tabulates the replacement of traditional terms with postmodernism: For example, “Sex” with “Gender”, “Spouse” with “Partner”, “National sovereignty” with “Global governance”, “Cultural identity” with “Multiculturalism”, and “God” with “The autonomous individual”. (p. 53).

Consider the emergence of an elaborate Newspeak (or, as Kuby calls it, the corruption of language: pp. 108-on) in just the last few decades. Prenatal infanticide (a. k. a. abortion) is disguised as “gender mainstreaming”, “freedom of choice”, “reproductive health”, etc. (p. 60). Suddenly, we also have so called “diversity”, “sexual orientation”, “gender identity”, “compulsory heterosexuality”, and

“equality”. (pp. 71-72). We hear about “homophobia”, “transphobia”, and whatnot-other “phobia”.

Especially nowadays, we hear that “gender is a social construct”. It most certainly is not. The evidence, cited by Kuby, proves that it is innate. (p. 97).

The author also discusses the manipulation of religion through theological sophistry. (pp. 193-194). This includes the oft-parroted silly argument about Jesus Christ never mentioning homosexuality (He also never mentioned necrophilia), that the Biblical condemnation of women preaching is equal to the Biblical condemnation of homosexuality (It is not), and the especially-fatuous argument that the Bible only condemns loveless homosexual relationships (It condemns ALL homosexual relationships, “loving” and not).


More and more, the advocates of the Global Sexual Revolution are taking-over institutions at all levels, and doing so as highly-organized pressure groups. For example, thanks to political pressure, the APA (American Psychiatric Association) caved, and removed homosexuality as a mental illness in 1973. The consequences have been far-reaching. (pp. 141-142).

The agenda of the Global Sexual Revolution is also being pushed at the other extreme—the international level. The author calls attention to the role of the United Nations (e. g, pp. 49-on, p. 95, 202, 206) and the European Union (e. g, pp. 82-on, p. 161) in shoving sexual libertinism down the throats of reluctant and unwilling nations.

The consequences of the top-down Global Sexual Revolution are easy to see. Kuby writes, “It should be clear by now that the LGBTI agenda is not about ‘tolerance’ and application of human rights to sexually defined, smaller and smaller minorities, but about giving privileges to non-heterosexual minorities at the expense of the majority’s freedoms.” (p. 71). And how!

There is also the legal ban on conversion therapy. The author writes, “The interest groups use intimidation, defamation and campaigns against therapists, speakers they dislike, and undesirable conferences to suppress any information about the possibility of altering LGBT orientation and behavior.” (p. 155).

Kuby limits herself to broad-based issues. She doesn’t discuss homofascism.


The use of force, directed against those who openly disagree with the agendas of the Global Sexual Revolution, go further. Kuby elaborates on many specific incidents (p. 101 pp. 244-on) in which those individuals who dissented from the agenda of the Global Sexual Revolution have been punished, some severely.

Of course, the list could be greatly expanded. The American reader can think of the long-term goal of homosexuals to use various methods of coercion (e. g, government-defunding and lawsuits) to force the Boy Scouts to accept both homosexual boys as well as openly-homosexual leaders. As I write this review, the NBA has caved to LGBT pressure groups, and will not have its 2017 All-Star game in North Carolina, with major financial losses to the state–all in reprisal for the state not complying with the “your gender, and washroom choice, are whatever you FEEL” ideology of the Global Sexual Revolution.

There is no escaping the fact that, slowly but surely, we are losing our God-given liberties. Kuby comments, “The 21st century’s looming totalitarianism wears a different costume from that of the 20th—no mustache, no jackboots. It goes unrecognized because people today ease their consciences by pointing to the crimes of their forefathers, never seeing that in every era evil emerges in a different form. The new totalitarianism is flexible and can adapt to the values that are popular today. It even wears the cloak of freedom, while step-by-step destroying the conditions necessary for freedom.” (p. 271).


One of the most common smear tactics against the Catholic Church is that of the so-called scandal of the pedophile clergy. Gabriele Kuby cites Michael S. Rose’s GOODBYE, GOOD MEN, which shows how, mainly in the 1970’s, traditional masculine candidates for the priesthood tended to be screened out, and liberal, homosexually-oriented candidates were let in. Kuby also cites a number of studies that show that the abuse of minors, by Catholic priests, were primarily done on pubescent boys. (p. 193).


Kuby puts “Catholic pedophile scandal” in broader context. The explicitness of sex, in the last few decades, has caused major social problems that were uncommon before then. For instance, there has been not only an increase in child molestation by adults, but also an increase in minor-on-minor sexual molestation. (p. 214). More subtle problems include the breakdown of the nuclear family, the inability to form lasting intimate relationships, and the declining birth rates in Western nations.


The author has a chapter on the ways that peoples are finally starting to fight back against the Global Sexual Revolution. (pp. 258-on). These includes efforts in the developed countries as well as the Third World, and by secular as well as religious groups.

Jan Peczkis

Published with the author’s permission.

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