The German occupation of Poland: The only penalty for any kind of resistance was death penalty!

In order to understand better the nature of the German occupation of Poland and the way to deal with any resistance I present a Decree issued by dr. Hans Frank from October 31, 1939. The only penalty for any kind of resistance was death penalty! This was the way to break any resistance in the occupied country.

The purpose of combating acts of violence in the General Government of October 31, 1939. Pursuant to § 5.1 of the Decree of the Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich on the Administration of the Occupied Polish Areas of October 12, 1939 (Reichsgesetzblatt I p. 2077, Journal of Laws of the German Reich I, p. 2077) I order:
1. Whoever commits an act of violence against the German Reich or the German superior authority, carried out in the General Government, is punishable by death.
2. Whoever intentionally damages the devices of the German authorities, work equipment of the German authorities or public facilities, shall be punishable by death.
3. Whoever calls or encourages disobedience to ordinances or orders of the German authorities shall be subject to the death penalty.
4. Whoever commits acts of violence against a German because of his belonging to the German nation is punishable by death.
5. Whoever causes intentional arson and thus damages German property is subject to the death penalty.
6. An instigator and a helper will be punished as an offender; an attempted act will be punished as an act done.
7. The provisions of § 3 of the Regulation of the Supreme Commander of the [German] Army on the possession of weapons of September 12, 1939 (Journal of Laws for the Occupation in Poland, p. 8) are not changed.
8. Whoever agrees to commit the offense specified in §§ 1-5, who for this purpose enters into serious agreement with others, who offers or commits such an offense, is subject to the death penalty. […]
9. Who, having received information about the intention to commit an offense specified in §§ 1-5, fails to exercise authority or a person who is threatened with crime, immediately or in such […]

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The title image: On September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland from the west; two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany, beginning World War II. Photo: / selected by wg.pco


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