Would War With Iran Doom Trump?

A war with Iran would define, consume and potentially destroy the Trump presidency, but exhilarate the neocon never-Trumpers who most despise the man. Why, then, is […]

Dies Irae: Baruch

Ilustracja muzyczna: Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL – The Red Caps Are Coming – Batman vs Superman OST Jeśli ktoś zasługiwał w pierwszej połowie XX w. na […]

Did Tariffs Make America Great?

„Make America Great Again!” will, given the astonishing victory it produced for Donald Trump, be recorded among the most successful slogans in political history. Yet it […]

Is a Coming NATO Crisis Inevitable?

Of President Donald Trump’s explosion at Angela Merkel’s Germany during the NATO summit, it needs to be said: It is long past time we raised our […]

Is a Trump Court in the Making?

If Mitch McConnell’s Senate can confirm his new nominee for the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump may have completed the capture of all three branches of […]

Trump przyjacielem Syjonu!

14 maja 2018 roku niezwykle uroczyście obchodzono 70. rocznicę powstania państwa Izrael. W tym dniu nastąpiło też oficjalne przeniesienie ambasady Stanów Zjednoczonych z Tel Awiwu do […]

No Party for Old White Men

For Nancy Pelosi, 78, Steny Hoyer, 79, and Joe Biden, 75, the primary results from New York’s 14th congressional district are a fire bell in the […]